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Friday Five: 5 Tips for Surviving Summer in NYC

June 16, 2017
NYC Blogger: Surviving Summer in New York

This week was a sweaty one in NYC and of course I snapped my every move! After my snaps on Tuesday evening I got a snap from a follower asking me to do a Friday Five on how to survive summer in NYC and I thought – What a good idea!!!! So that’s exactly what I’m doing this week!

Summer is such a fun in New York and I do love the heat (I’m such a summer bunny), but even I can struggle with how hot it gets, so here is what I do when I just can’t take the heat (excuse the cheesy pun!)…

1. Loose Clothes

Are essential if you don’t want to die from over sweating and sticky clothes syndrome. The breezier the better. Not that any breeze even exists in the oven that is summer in NYC.

2. Hell no H2O

No one ever said in an NYC summer. The more H2O the better. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to water because I always need to have a gallon near by, but when it comes to summer in NYC it’s a different story. I mean, you actually won’t survive without it. I always have a bottle at hand and too often find myself running to the nearest Duane Reade to stock up on some extras.

3. Avoid the Subway like the Plague

If possible! Of course for 99.9% of people who live in New York this is not an option (help me I’m too poor for daily Uber’s). If you have to get the subway and it’s possible to stay above ground or as near to the subway entrances as possible before the train comes DO!!! because the sweatiness is on a whole other level underground – or should I say the glow.

Don’t you know that only horses sweat, while men perspire and women GLOW!! Yep we GLOW!!!! Personally I think I’ll be getting the ferry work this summer, if I can manage to leave my apartment on time!

4. Hug that A/C

All summer long. Your A/C will be your bestie. Don’t even dare think about going without for summer. This will change your life (Not! Even! Exaggerating!!!!!).

5. Ice Cold Everything

I finally get the iced tea thing over here, because who in their right mind would want a hot a drink in these temps? Personally, I’ve become quiet the iced coffee drinker (it’s better for your teeth apparently) this year and I don’t think I’ll ever look back!

Lastly, this isn’t really a tip as much as a way of life (well for me anyway) but to survive summer there really isn’t anything quiet like passing a store with A/C as the door opens. It may only be for a split second, but that blast of cold air will give you enough life to get you to next store door…

Oh and I have one more too – A bonus tip! When it’s way way WAY too hot, it’s time to get out. Get to a beach (they’re so easy to get to) or plan a weekend in The Hamptons or somewhere, anywhere, as long as it’s not the city.

I kinda wish I was being sarcastic with these but I mean every single one of them and could probably add more!!

Happy Weekend,

Lorna x

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