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My Cyber Week Shopping Bag

November 26, 2018
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Hey guys,

I know the last thing you probably need to see this week is another Cyber Week post and yet here I am! I’m not exaggerating, I’ve spent the last week trawling through AAAAALL the sites to try to get some bits for the run up to Christmas here in New York and for Christmas at home too. When I’d all the hard work done I thought “sure, why not put it in a blog post?” and add to the 50 billion posts already out there (slight exaggeration, but it sure does feel like it!).

Anywho, as I was on the hunt for bits and pieces to wear, most of these pieces are clothes related from my go-to sites…


Forever my favourite!! There’s never not something I’ll want from here! They have up to 50% off.


20% off! TBH, I think everyone should have a stunner of a dress like this in their wardrobe in case of emergency!

Nasty Gal

60% off!!! Myself and 2 other girls at work may have just ordered this dress – we’re definitely gonna have to co-ordinate when we wear it! So far, I’ve also got this skirt because it’s just too perfect freakin for party season!


Random, but I do have a 20% off discount code at the moment (with lcscloset20)! I may have used it to get this houndstooth coat I’ve had my eye on for weeks. I also ordered this sweater because the reviews are stellar and this little tweed number because why the hell not!


I got myself this beauty with 50% off!


Thinking I absolutely need this in my life!! Thoughts?



30% off all weekend is amazing! Tbh, Zara need to take a leaf outta Mango’s book… Just saying! Slightly obsessed with this casual/dressy look for a Christmas night out… Should I buy??

River Island

Tbh, I’m kinda disappointed with River Island Cyber Week deal! They’re already overpriced for the quality (IMO), so they could at least apply a discount without conditions. Anywho, all that aside, they always have pieces I drool over!

Beauty Bits

I’m never gonna be a huge experimenter when it comes to buying beauty bits, so I’m just gonna take advantage of sites that have offers on some of my absolute favourite bits. The one I’m most excited about is Paula’s Choice having 20% off because I’m outta their 2% BHA Salicylic Acid and I’m obsessed with this stuff!! It’s AH-FREAKIN-MAZING!!!!


I’m not done yet! Cyber Monday hasn’t even arrived, so time will tell what other of these bits I pick up too!

Happy Shopping,

Lorna xx

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