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Why 2 Piece Sets Are My New Summer Go-To

August 9, 2017
NYC Blogger: 2 Piece Sets

I’ve kinda come to a realization that 2 piece sets make the best summer outfits! Personally I’m loving them this year because they are super easy to wear..

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Fashion, Lifestyle

Monday Feels

July 31, 2017
NYC Blogger: Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday guys!! It’s a new week and that of course means we get a fresh start/clean slate/however you wanna word it to get working on those goals…

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Fashion, Style

The Perfect Summer Dress

June 26, 2017
NYC Blogger: The Perfect Summer Dress 12

If you’re looking for the perfect summer dress, look no further because I have exactly what you’re looking for! I’m really not exaggerating when I say this little number is perfect. It’s…

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Blog Tips, Career, Fashion

Winning at Social Media in 2017

June 13, 2017
NYC Blogger: Winning at social media in 2017

Ticking off one of my goals for 2017, I’m bringing back my blog tips – I’m sloooooowly but surely getting through my list!! If you’ve been a long time reader of LC’s Closet you may remember the blog tips series I launched back in May…

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