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July 31, 2017
NYC Blogger: Monday Inspiration

SheIn Top | Similar Shorts | Laudividni bag | Similar glasses

Happy Monday guys!! It’s a new week and that of course means we get a fresh start/clean slate/however you wanna word it to get working on those goals. This week also happens to be the start of August and as we come into new month (the 8th, 8TH!!!! of 2017), I could do with a good dose of inspo to kick off my week and get myself working towards those 2017 goals I’ve yet to tick off.

I don’t know about you, but I always find summer a tricky one. I absolutely LOVE summer but it also makes me super unproductive (here on the blog!) because I always wanna be out and about and not glued to my computer when I’m out of the office – such a first world problem right? Over the past few weeks I’ve been really trying to get myself motivated and what better way to do it that with a good quote???

So that got me thinking about starting a little Monday Inspiration post or series type of thing where I share some of my favourite inspirational quotes to get each month started (I mean I do love a good quote!!). Who doesn’t need a good dose inspo every now and again? So to get this (quote) party started, I thought I’d kick off with 5 quotes that can apply to lots of different situations…

NYC Blogger: Off the shoulder print topNYC Blogger: Off the shoulder print top 2NYC Blogger: Off the shoulder print top 3NYC Blogger: Off the shoulder print top 5NYC Blogger: Off the shoulder print top 4

Photos: Claire Petersen

1. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen
2. When you think about quitting remember why you started

I have to tell myself this one quite a bit!

3. Grateful for where I’m at, excited for where I’m going

Hell yes!!

4. Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Personally, I LOVE when my past self has done something to make my present selves life easier!

5. Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway

Ending on a fashionable note… 😉

As always, a few quick words on my look here before I go. I feel after 3 years in New York, I am finally at a stage where I amn’t having a fight with my wardrobe to get dressed every morning. There are 2 simple reasons for this – 1. I invested in 3 classic pairs of shorts this summer and they have made getting dressed SO easy & 2. I invested in some dressy tops (like this off the shoulder beauty) that don’t need ironing (essential when you’re in a hurry!) and can easily take me from day to night. These are the pieces that really do the talking and make every outfit look different even though I’m pretty much wearing the same base.

Honestly, it’s been the best thing for saving precious minutes every morning and my sanity! My bag here is a new one I designed and personalised myself so it’s totally unique. It’s from a site called Laudi Vidni (Individual backwards) and I love the concept, especially for a pressie for someone!

Happy Monday/August/8th month of 2017,

Lorna x

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