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Friday Five – 5 Of My Favourite Quotes

August 12, 2016
Friday Five - Favourite Quotes

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Happy Friday… This week’s Friday Five post is going to focus on some of my favourite quotes. I say some because, although I don’t really share quotes here or on my social channels, I am absolutely obsessed with them (as you can probably tell from my Pinterest board). There is something about reading a good quote that really inspires and motivates me no matter what mood I’m in.

The inspiration behind this Friday Five came after I shared the first quote on my list on Snapchat (@lcscloset) last weekend. It got such a great reaction (so many screenshots and messages), so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share a few more of my all time favs. So in no particular order, here are just 5 (narrowing these down was so unbelievably hard!)…

Friday Five - Favourite quotes 1

This is the quote I shared on my Snapchat and it’s one I saw for the first time about a year ago. It struck me on so many levels and really related to my life at the time. I am a natural born worrier, and am constantly worrying about things that never EVER happen. Clearly, that means I’m living in the future. Now I’m not saying that I have anxiety (at least I really don’t think I do), but I think there’s a little part of all of us that definitely gets anxious every so often.

Anyway, I think this quote is true on every single level. When I first discovered it I was waiting to hear about my new visa, was worried about money, I was pretty sick, I could on and on… Basically there was a lot of things going on that meant I was looking both back at things that had happened and forward to things that may never happen. So I started to live more in the moment and the most amazing things happened. I was so much happier and all of a sudden all of things I was worried about started to fall into place.

Woah… I’m going on a bit now but moral of the story – I for one am going to get back to living more in the present and stop wasting precious time turning my hair grey (I wish I was joking – sadface) worrying about stupid stuff that never even happens.

Friday Five - Favourite quotes 2

I think this is my all time favourite quote just because it’s SO TRUE!! This is only a snippet of the quote (the most important part). I read the actual quote years ago and have never been able to find (or remember) the whole quote since. But like with the first one, it’s so true. Absolutely everybody has a story that we know nothing about (this kinda ties to what I talked about in my more than just a girl post).

I think I mostly think of this quote when I see homeless people (which happens a lot in New York). But at home, there is a homeless guy in my local town. My mother told me his story one day after we passed him… Turns out he was super intelligent and used to be a doctor, long story short something had happened him and he was now homeless. My mind was blown… It’s so easy to look at people or find out one thing about them and make assumptions, but you really have no idea of what they have done or achieved, or the struggles they have been through in life until you hear their story.

Friday Five - Favourite quotes 3

This is a quote everyone should read on a daily basis in my opinion. If you read my post from Inbound last year you’ll know all about this quote. I also wrote about not comparing myself to others in my ways I stay motivated post, so I’m not going to repeat myself here. But basically it’s way too easy to compare ourselves to other people in the world we live in. I’ve done it my whole life but actively made steps after seeing this quote everywhere at Inbound to stop and I’m so much happier!

Friday Five - Favourite quotes 4

I think this is one of THE best travel quotes. Such a great way to depict how amazing travelling is.

Friday Five - Favourite quotes 5

Last but certainly not least… I don’t even know how to describe this quote but isn’t it just so true? If you have a friend who’s always keeps you waiting or is always late (this used to be me back home – whoops), show them this and next time they might think twice before they make you spend your precious time waiting on them. It totally changed my perspective. Now every time someone gives me even 5 minutes of their time, I know how valuable it is.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Lorna x

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