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5 Stupid Questions I’ve Been Asked As An Irish Person Living In New York

March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from New York!!! Personally, I find St. Patrick’s Day a really weird day to be away from home (I’m probably not alone here). As I said on Instagram last night, it’s not that I feel homesick but I have a weird feeling on the day. I remember speaking to my sister on Paddy’s Day last year and she felt the exact same way – not homesick, but we just had a weird almost empty like feeling. It’s so hard to describe properly. But being away from home on days like today isn’t all bad. As I mentioned in last year’s post on being Irish in New York on St. Patrick’s Day, it has given me a whole new love and appreciation for home.

So last year I did my post on what it’s like to be Irish in New York at this time of year – Today I want to do something a little different. I actually got this idea from a girl a work after she asked me last week if St. Patrick’s Day is a thing in Ireland!!! This is NOT the first time I’ve been asked this since moving here and she told me I had to a post on all of the stupid questions I get asked as an Irish person living in New York. There has been a lot!! So for today’s Friday Five I’ve whittled it down to 5 (not including are leprechauns real? I wish I joking!!). The most unbelievable thing about these questions? I have been asked all of them on more than one occasion…

1. Is St. Patrick’s Day A Thing In Ireland?

Why yes, it’s why it exists!!!

2. So do you speak English?

Am, what do you think I’m speaking? Like, you can comprehend what I’m saying so it’s obviously English?

For the record they thought my Irish accent meant I was speaking as Gaelige – Níl mé in ann!!

3. Do you guys have Thanksgiving in Ireland?

Hmmmmm, think about why you celebrate Thanksgiving for a second there and you’ll answer your own question…

4. So does everyone know everyone in Ireland?

Yes! I personally know all 4.6 Million people!

5. Do you guys do this in the UK?

I don’t know, you might want to ask someone from the UK.

I could go on, but that’s for another post!

Hope you have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day weekend,

Lorna x

p.s. I’m featured on the Dorothy Perkins website this week sharing what I love about home. See it here.

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