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New York Favourites: Brunch Spots

April 26, 2015
New York Brunch - Eggs Benedict

My name is Lorna and I am a brunch addict! I’m not even joking… I absolutely LUUUURVE brunch. It’s one of the best things about life in New York and, seeing as it’s Sunday, I’m going continue my little series of New York Favourites by sharing some of my favourite brunch spots (my first post was about my favourite things to do for free in New York).

Brunch really is so New York and it’s such a Sunday thing to do (although I didn’t get to do it today… sadface!!). It’s one of the best parts of my week, but there is a downside. If you want to go to a really good brunch place, you will probably have to wait. In my experience, it’s always worth it.

Of the many brunches I’ve had since I’ve been in New York, here are my top picks.

1. Freemans

favourite new york brunch spots 8

Freemans is definitely up there with one of the best brunches I’ve had in New York. The most distinctive part about this place is the alley way at the entrance and of course the cute blue door.

The décor inside is really cool and the food is, as Americans would say (and now me too – aaaaaaahhh), AWESOME!

When we ate here we both went for the poached eggs with tomato skewed kale crispy shallots. I was branching out from my usual choice of eggs benedict (GO ME) and it was so so good! It’s definitely worth the wait and trust me, unless you are there super early, you’ll have to wait.

Freemans is located at 191 Chrystie Street.

2. Juliette

favourite new york brunch spots 6

I think two of the best brunches I’ve had in New York have been in Williamsburg. The food in Juliette is mouthwateringly good. Of course I went for my favourite brunch staple. Their Hollandaise sauce is phenomenal.

You’ll find Juliette at 135 N 5th St just off Bedford Avenue.

3. Café Magador

favourite new york brunch spots 7

My other fav spot in Williamsburg, with one of the best brunches I’ve ever had. I’ve been here twice for eggs bene and I think they may have been even better second time round.

My cousin and I (the food connoisseurs that we are) were trying to decide whether Juliette or Café Magador had the best Eggs Benedict. We came to the conclusion that Juliette’s Hollandaise sauce is slightly better than Café Magador, but Café Magador comes out tops with their bacon. So they both win!

Either way… you won’t be disappointed in either of these places. You’ll find Café Magador at 133 Wythe Avenue between N 8th and N 7th streets.

4. Penelope

favourite new york brunch spots 10

Penelope is too cute for words. Very NYC cute! The food is fab too… the only downside is you will probably have a long wait, but just get there early, put your name down and go off and do a few other things while you’re waiting!

Honestly, you should expect a bit of a wait anywhere with real good brunch. I went for the Nutella French Toast, and I have one word for it… WOW!! Everything looks amazing here, and it’s cuteness makes it even better.

You’ll find it at 159 Lexington Avenue between 30th and 29th St.

5. Bluestone Lane Café

favourite new york brunch spots 11

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (usernames: @lcscloset), you’ll know I am obsessed with this Aussie spot… like totally obsessed. I usually go to the one at Bryant Park (on 43rd Street and 6th Avenue), but I have been to the café in the West Village a lot too.

They have amazing aussie style coffee and their food is fab! Their avo smash is just too good (I get withdrawl symtoms… seriously!). They have smaller places around the city, but the café on Greenwich Avenue on the corner of Perry Street has the biggest menu.

6. Blue Dog Café

favourite new york brunch spots 2

This place is a real hidden gem in Hells Kitchen. You would never expect a place like to be located where it is… of course I went for eggs benedict (AGAIN! Obsessed much?) and they did not disappoint. Their sweet potato mash (instead of home fries) are delish! You find it at 308 West 50th St Between 8th and 9th Aves.

7. The Egg Shop

favourite new york brunch spots 4

As you can imagine, every dish in The Egg Shop involves some form of eggs and I love it. The food really is top notch. It is small, so there may be a bit of a wait, but if you don’t mind eating at the bar you might get a seat right away (like us!). It’s at 151 Elizabeth Street between Kenmare St and Broome St in NoLita/Soho.

8. For bottomless – Sidewalk

favourite new york brunch spots 9

So I’ve only been to one bottomless brunch, and we just stumbled upon this place after our first choice (Poco – great happy hour too), was booked for the day. $14.95 for brunch and one drink (Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver) or $25.95 for brunch and unlimited drinks for an hour and a half… guess which one we went for?

The food was fab… I branched out tried heuvos rancheros rather than my usually Eggs Benedict and I was so happy with my decision.

The only thing that wasn’t the best was the service, but we all figured the service is never going to be amazing when the server knows they are only going to make a certain amount in tips. We were there for a relaxed day too, so we didn’t really mind. I’d totally go back… the food was just so good!

This place is right by Thompson Sq Park at 94 Avenue A on the corner of 6th St.

I still have a list of places as long as my arm to try out, so I’ll be sure to report back on them too. Do you guys have any suggestions for must try brunch spots over here? I’d love to hear them.

Lorna x

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