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Friday Five: My Top 5 Summer Essentials

May 13, 2017
Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Happy Friday!! After a two month hiatus (how has it been that long???), it’s the return of my Friday Five posts! I’m starting back with a post some of you guys actually asked me for – my essential wardrobe pieces for surviving summer in New York. This was such a good question because the summer wardrobe struggle in New York is most certainly real!! Most of these are summer holiday essentials too, so keep scrolling if you have a holiday coming up…

1. Floaty Dresses

Are an absolutely must! I am current in major summer shopping mode and I need to add a few of these to my wardrobe for both work and for the weekends. Lose floaty dresses are you’re best friend on those super humid days.

2. Dressy Tops & Casual Tees

When it comes to summer dressing I love to have a few really good dressy tops in my wardrobe for work and also for dressing up a pair of denim cutoffs. They’re on of my quickest ways to look put together on the go…

For more casual days, festivals, beach weekends, I love a good casual tee.

3. Shorts

Shorts are my best friend in summer, and I love dressy shorts. I feel like you can get away with shorts being that little bit shorter and they always look put together. I love white shorts, although they are nightmare to keep clean. Having a pair of dressy black and navy shorts in wardrobe too will be an absolute saviour.

Then of course for weekends, beach trips and more casual days, a pair of demin cutoffs. These are one of the ultimate wardrobe essentials, not just for summer.


4. Shoes

I think shoes are probably my biggest struggle in summer. Boots just aren’t an option and it’s so damn hard to dress for work when you don’t have a few good pairs of staple shoes in your wardrobe. This year I am going to be on it. I’ve already started adding a few pairs of flats to my wardrobe. Flats are great because they work for work and for a more casual day.

I need a few pairs of dressy sandals too. Hopefully then there’ll be no fights with my wardrobe in the morning…

5. Swimwear

Finally, of course, swimwear! I always say one of my favourite things about living in New York is the seasons and summer is beach time. So of course bikinis and swimsuits are a must. This year I really want a good swimsuit for some reason, so that’s what I’m currently on the hunt for…

And voila! My summer essentials! I’ll be back to my usual weekly Friday Five posts from now on. I find just getting started back is really half the battle with these things.

Have a great weekend,

Lorna x

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