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May 15, 2017
NYC Blogger: Off The Shoulder White Top

SheIn Top | Jeans | Shoes Gucci Bag | Initial Necklace | Choker

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday… I’m back with a brand new outfit post featuring one of my latest bits from SheIn – This fab off-the-shoulder, super dramatic top (I do love a bit of drama in my clothes!). I actually got this top for my birthday weekend 2 months ago and I’ve only just had a chance to share a full look with it (and my birthday pressie to me from me!!!).

I’m sure you’ve noticed I have one or two SheIn bits in my wardrobe, and a question I get asked all the time is “Do you trust SheIn?” The short answer is I do!! I have to admit, I have had one bad experience where the sizing was WAY off, but apart from that it’s always been perfect for me. To be totally honest, I absolutely love ordering from this site. A bold statement I know, but here’s why…

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 1. So Affordable

Let’s just kick off with the most obvious reason – It’s SO AFFORDABLE!!! I find SheIn perfect for buying on trend bits without maxing out my credit card. I can actually see a top like this in Zara with a $40 or $50 price tag, instead of a super affordable $19.

2. Designer and Zara Dupes

Speaking of Zara, I have seen pieces on SheIn that are identical to bits I have seen in Zara, but so SheIn is so much cheaper!! One of the girls picked up this skirt for $70 in Zara a few weeks ago and a few days later I found it here for $21!!! They also have amazing designer dupes. This Self Portrait-esque top is the perfect example and it’s only $17!!…

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Photos by Claire Petersen

3. I Feel Like I Can Have More Fun With My Clothes

I feel like I can experiment and have a lot more fun with what I buy, because everything is so affordable. It’s almost like it removes the guilt of buying those pieces I really want but feel I can’t really justify because they’re not super practical. For example, I absolutely love this top, but I probably never would have bought it if it wasn’t like $20.

4. Best Collection Of Statement Pieces

Finally (for now), SheIn is the absolute best place to get statement pieces! Why? Well to start they have an amazing collection of statement/dramatic pieces (I’m currently eying up this one shouldered beauty) all in one place. The best part for me is that the prices for these statement pieces are so reasonable. I love nothing more than having a good stand out piece in my wardrobe, but the problem with these is that they stand out so much you really can’t wear them that often. If I’m spending a lot of money on something,  I want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth out of it. With SheIn I can do just that.

I also get asked about SheIn’s sizing a lot. I do always make sure I look at the sizing before I order. A lot of the items are ‘one size’ only, but if it isn’t I always look to the measurements to estimate whether or not it will fit. The sizes are usually true to size, so it always works out for me.

As always, I have my eye on the next few bits I’m going to order from the site (for a fun trip coming up in a few weeks), so I’ll share them here in case you’d like too see too…


Hope you’re having a fab week,

Lorna x

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