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September 17, 2014
Irish Fashion NYC Essentials

How is your week going? I can’t believe it’s September 17th already. This is a little crazy because I am moving to New York SOOOOOOO soon!! I have finally started to think about packing. I am such a last minute packer so I haven’t actually started packing yet. I also think it’s because it really hasn’t hit me that I am leaving so soon. Anyway, I have been trying to think of the what items definitely have to come with me and I think I have finally cracked it. So here are the top 10 items from my wardrobe that I wouldn’t dare hit NYC without…

1. White Coat

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 5

Get similar here, here and here

This is such a great coat. It transforms any look and always gets so many compliments. Out of everything I have worn here on my blog, this has definitely been one of the most popular items. The best thing about it is I got it on sale in Penneys!! Yep… it was a complete bargain. Definitely one of my best buys eveeeeer. You can see it worn here and here.

2. Statement Jacket 

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 6

A statement jacket is a such an essential wardrobe piece in my opinion. I have quite a few of them and every single one will be coming with me. They just work for both day and night time looks and I really love how they can dress up a simple outfit. You can check out this look here.

3. Great Heels

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 2

Get similar pink shoes; blue shoes

Ahhhh… I love my heels. There is no way any fashionista worth her weight could hit Manhattan without a few great pairs of heels. They may not be Manolos (I can only dream) but I do love my shoes. They take up so much room though so I am gonna have to leave so many pairs behind me… it’s gonna be totes emosh! These three pairs are so coming with me…

See these shoes worn previous – here, here and here.

4. White Shirt

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 3

Find it here

I really think a great white shirt is such a key piece to have in your wardrobe. It’s so versatile and really can be worn in so many different ways. It’ll be perfect for a relaxed look strolling around the city, to wear to an interview and I will even be able to dress it up with heels and a cute skirt to head out for some cocktails. Check out some of my previous white shirt looks here, here and here.

5. Jeans

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 1

Find jeans 1 here; jeans 2 here; jeans 3 here; jeans 4 similar here

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you will know I love my jeans. I have so many pairs, so the real problem is gonna be deciding which I’m gonna take with me. These four pairs are gonna make the list for sure. See look 1; look 2; look 3; look 4.

6. Beautiful Flats

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 11

River Island Flats

New York is place you are guaranteed to walk ALOT, so you gotta have your flats. I tend to walk a lot wherever I go (New York, London, even Dublin) because I think it’s such a great way to explore new places and find some hidden treasures. When I did my J1 a few years ago, every Monday I used to leave my internship on 34th Street and head downtown (on foot) to explore somewhere new and discover new shops. I found some amazing places, so I am so excited to do the same when I move back. The flats pictured here are my newest pair (I posted a pic on Instagram over the weekend). Keep an eye out for them in an upcoming outfit post. 🙂

7. A Great Tote

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 4

Bags are another thing I have a lot of. They also take up so much room, so I’m gonna be leaving more than a few behind. One thing I will be sure to bring is this black tote. It’s definitely one of THE best things I’ve bought this year and it’s the perfect size and shape for carrying around the city. I am also currently lusting after this beauty from River Island… If any of you feel like treating me to a little going away pressie I definitely won’t object. 🙂

8. A Killer Dress

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 9

Similar here, here and here

There is no way I could possible move to NYC without having one or two killer dresses in my bag. I used to be such a dress wearer. Now I tend to be drawn to shorts and skirts but there is always gonna be those occasions where you just need a gorgeous dress. I got this blue one in Oz last Christmas and I just love it. You can see it worn here.


9. Statement Watches

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 10

Gold Watch                                        Rose Gold Watch

I wear one of my Michael Kors watches practically every single day. They are gonna keep me on time and looking chic (I hope)! Practical and stylish all in one.


10. Leather Jacket

Irish Fashion NYC Essentials 7

 Similar here

Last but by no means least, my leather jackets. Leather jackets are timeless and stylish no matter where you are, so there is absolutely no way I’d leave without them. I’m bringing both my tan and black jackets with me, and my longer waxed jacket too. I’m not bringing any of my coats. They are way too bulky and I wanna invest in a new one. 🙂

So there you have it… the top 10 items I can’t leave without. I know I’ve mentioned more than 10 items but I’m sure you guys get my drift. I need to buy some new cases before I go but my god they are expensive here. People say Australia is expensive but I got the coolest Volcom case over there for a really great price compared to what I’m seeing here. Anyway… I hope you’re all having a great week.


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