Topshop #whosthatgirl

December 5, 2012

Last week Topshop launched #whosthatgirl, a huge teaser campaign to introduce the face of their first ever Christmas campaign. Topshop started the campaign by uploading a series of videos to YouTube featuring a ‘mystery star’, and asked fans to guess the identity of the mystery celebrity via their Twitter account with the hastag #whosthatgirl.

After days of mysterious videos and snap shots, that saw many people tearing their hair out trying to guess who the A-list star was, Kate Bosworth was revealed as the new face of Topshop. Kate Bosworth was actually my first guess after I saw some of the teasers, but I was thrown off the scent by a caption accompanying one teaser said that the star was “a true English Rose.” Kate is of course American and not English, but she does very much have the look of an English Rose. I have since found out that the winner received an $800 shopping spree. 🙁 If only I had gone with my instincts. 🙁

The main feature of the campaign is Kate performing a cover of Christmas classic Winter Wonderland in a custom made sequin dress which will be available to buy in February 2013. Kate’s version of Winter Wonderland is also now in the running for the festive number 1 slot. Becoming the face of Topshop and the possibility of being Christmas number 1, not a bad way to end 2012.

I think this was a genius campaign by Topshop. It grabbed peoples attention, got people talking and more importantly, kept people guessing and waiting for more. #whosthatgirl was trending on Twitter and even spread to Facebook and Instagram.

What do you guys think? Do you like this campaign? Is Kate Bosworth a good choice?

Let me know, 🙂
Lorna. xx

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