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May 11, 2014


Hey guys,

How was your weekend? I stayed very quiet after all of the bank holidays recently. I did go out for dinner on Friday night though, which was nice and relaxing and a really great start to the weekend. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have already seen that I have been featured as the Sunday World’s Fashion Blogger of the Week. If you haven’t already seen that be sure to check it out here. 🙂

Now, on to today’s post… I have been meaning to do a “new in” or “new stuff” post for ages but just didn’t get around to doing it, so today is the day! I have already shown you most of my new purchases in recent posts but there are still a few that I haven’t worn yet or didn’t get a chance to get outfit pictures of when I was wearing them. There is also one or two very recent things that have already appeared in posts but I want to show them in more detail here. So here goes…


This playsuit from Black Five is the newest addition to my wardrobe. It arrived on Friday and I really love the colours and print. I think it’s so unique. Unfortunately, I was a little confused by the sizing of this and I bought a size way too small for me. Even though I compared the measurements to sizes on other websites, it barely goes up past my knees. So I am a little undecided whether I am going to return it or give it to my little sister… she has already tried it on and it looks great on her so I might treat her to it. 🙂


I got this dress in Forever 21 on a recent trip to Liverpool. I was a little unsure about it because I thought it was a little dark for summer but we are still waiting for summer here so I have been able to wear it already. I was in the middle of a semester of lecturing when I bought it and thought it would be perfect with tights and a cute cardigan but I never actually wore it lecturing… whoops! I do have to laugh at how I justify my purchases sometimes… You can get a similar dress here.


I also got this crop top in Forever 21. I never wore crop tops before I went to Oz for Christmas but now I love them. This one is really unusual as the elbows are open so I think it adds are really interesting twist.


This is another striped crop top that I bought in Topshop in Dublin. I have worn this so much but every time I have worn it has rained and I haven’t been able to get pictures… someday.


And another striped crop top. I have been fond of striped crops lately haven’t I? This is also from Forever 21 and the fit is really great. I loved it with the outfit I was wearing when I bought it and it was super cheap too so I couldn’t leave it there.


I got this neon coral coloured top in Penneys/Primark about 2 weeks ago. There is something about this colour that I am so drawn to and just can’t resist. I also bought a crop top in the same colour in Oz over Christmas and have another from Bershka from about 3 years ago.


This scuba skirt is also brand new and from Black Five. I have already worn it to meet some friends so I will have an outfit post later in the week. It’s a really dramatic piece which I absolutely love.

IMG_2708Irish Fashion New In 16

This leather skirt is from H&M. I was actually on the hunt for a plain leather skirt but I couldn’t find one so I bought this instead and I am really happy with it. The fit is impeccable and the buckles add a nice bit of detail to the skirt. I have another leather skirt that is also from H&M but it is completely different and is actually a little too big for me right now. You can see the other skirt here.


These shoes are also brand new. I bought them in Galway on Friday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I wore them out for dinner on Friday night (I’ll show you that outfit this week too) and with the blue skirt above. They are just so comfy and easy to walk in. I got them in Miss Selfridge and they I can see them being a really great investment piece. They are nearly sold out online but they had loads in store in Galway so you may be lucky and find them in your local store too. 🙂

Irish Fashion New In 18

These peep-toe shoe boots are from Penneys/Primark. I got them last February on the day I passed my Viva. I was a little too happy with my credit card that day as I was so happy/relieved to have been awarded my Ph.D. They only cost €9 though so they didn’t break the bank.

Irish Fashion New In 19

I love hats! I rarely get a chance to actually wear them but I do love them. This one is from New Look and was another sale bargain (it only cost €7). It is a little solid or cardboardy for a fedora hat. I prefer them to be softer like my beige Topshop fedora, so I might still invest in another one.

Irish Fashion New In 20Irish Fashion New In 21

My DVF bag. You have already seen this in a recent post but I wanted to show some more close up snaps of it. You can really see the amazing quality of the leather here. I will admit that I hit the gold buckle off a white wall when I was wearing it recently so it is a little scratched now. I am so mad at myself because I like to take really good care of all of my stuff. Do any of you know any tricks for removing marks from gold? If you do please share them with me. I’d love to hear them and try them out.

Irish Fashion New In 22

You have also already seen my new rose gold Michael Kors watch but I wanted show you it in more detail too. As you already know, I have had a gold MK watch for some time. Apart from being rose gold rather than gold, this one is smaller than my gold one and the face is completely different. One difference on the face is that it has roman numerals rather than numbers, which I really like. I think they look so different. I had to get four links removed from this but it fits amazingly now and is so comfortable to wear. I love it! I’d recommend MK watches to anyone.:)

Irish Fashion New In 28Irish Fashion New In 25Irish Fashion New In 24

I bought this necklace in River Island on Friday too. I think it’s so cute. I love all of the little details on different parts of the necklace. It’s delicate but still a real statement piece. It was also a really reasonable price. I’m finding River Island’s jewellery so cheap lately and the designs are beautiful. Even with the clothes too… they have really stepped up and I definitely approve.

Irish Fashion New In 23

You have seen two of these bracelets/bangles before too. The thick gold bracelet is from Penneys/Primark and the thicker bangle with twisted detail is from Topshop. You can see them here. The thin bangle is new and is from River Island too. I love these types of bangles and think they look great with any outfit.

Irish Fashion New In 26Irish Fashion New In 27

This ring was definitely an investment piece. It is a gold and diamond ring and was another thing I treated myself too when I got my Ph.D. This and my Michael Kors bag were definitely two major treats that day. I also bought an outfit in Topshop that I shared on Instagram ages ago and wore out recently so I will show you that soon too. I got this ring in Cobwebs jewellery store in Galway and I love it. It’s so simple and elegant and a true investment piece. You know what they say… gold and diamonds never lose their value. 🙂

Irish Fashion New In 28

Lastly, these earrings are from River Island. They were super super cheap and have become a staple of mine since I bought them. I have so many pairs of earrings in every shape and size but in the past year or two I have really only been wearing little studs. I like these because they are small but still interesting and look really dressy when I wear them.

What do you think of the latest additions to my wardrobe? Keep your eyes peeled for them in outfit posts in the coming weeks.

Have a great week,

Irish Fashion Lorna

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