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October 30, 2016
NYC Blogger: Stripe Ribbed Dress

Topshop Jacket | Primark Dress | Topshop Boots (last season but similar here)

Happy Halloween… I don’t think there’s a more perfect day to share this pumpkin filled look I shot in the Upper East Side. I used to think the West Village was the best part of Manhattan when it comes to Halloween decorations, but after this year that title firmly belongs to the UES. When I say they go all out I mean they go ALL out!

I was a bit of a bore for Halloween this year and didn’t do anything. To be totally honest having visitors takes it out of you, so I wanted to just relax this weekend. I’m gonna admit Halloween is not my favourite ‘holiday’ anyway. We all know Christmas is my ultimate, but I do absolutely love this time of year. I’ve said it before (about a million times this year alone) and I’m pretty sure anyone who lives here will agree. October, Thanksgiving and the run up to Christmas is the absolute best time of year in America. There are the obvious reasons for loving this time of year here. The weather is perfect, after a sweaty few months it’s nice to be able to wrap up in cosy knits again, the colours are amazing (pictures will never do them justice), I could go on and on. But last week when my sister was here she said something to me and it was so so true. She said this time of year “is just like the movies!”…

NYC Blogger: Stripe Ribbed Dress 2NYC Blogger: Stripe Ribbed Dress 3

Photos by Niamh aka Cinnamon Soul

This wasn’t her first time visiting New York. She was here last March, has been here a few times during the summer and at Christmas and she said this was the first time it really felt like what you see on TV. She felt every time she went outside she was stepping onto a movie set, and the more I think about it the more I realise she is 100% right. In fairness we did pass a lot of movie sets on our touristy travels (I even passed 2 on my way to work this morning) and I guess it’s the perfect time of year to film, so it makes total sense. Maybe that’s another of the many reasons I love this time of year here so much… It feels and looks exactly how you imagine it will. A random thought to kick off the week, but if you are planning on making a trip to New York next year, I’d definitely recommend coming in Autumn.

A few quick words on my outfit before I go kick off my week. I’m slowly but surely making my way through the new bits I picked up in Primark in Connecticut a few weeks ago. This (super skin tight) dress is one of the pieces I got and can I just say if you want to buy something that will make you taller, well get yourself to Primark and whip one of these babies up. I kid you not when I say I looked about 10ft in one of the pictures that didn’t make the final post…

Have a great week,

Lorna x

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NYC Blogger: Stripe Ribbed Dress 4NYC Blogger: Stripe Ribbed Dress 5

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