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Friday Five: 5 New NYC Things I Did This Week

October 28, 2016
NYC blogger: new things to do

Happy Friday guys! I’ve been a little quiet on the old blog-a-roo this week because I was busy entertaining my sister. In last week’s Friday Five I spoke about how I was excited for her last minute trip to New York and although it got off to a nightmare start, we had the best few days.  I love having visitors because it gives me the best excuse to get out and be a tourist right in my own backyard (I’m mentally laughing at the thought of Manhattan being my backyard). I think no matter how long I live in New York, there will always be new things to do. Having visitors means I can tick a lot of places and things off my bucket list, and get to do a lot of NYC firsts. Of course the last few days were no exception, so for today’s Friday Five I’m sharing 5 things I did in New York over the past few days that I’d never done before…

1. The Central Park Boats

I can’t believe I hadn’t done these before. So much fun but a lot harder than it looks, especially when the wind is going against you. It’s pretty funny/hilarious seeing everyone freak out when they nearly crash into each other but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. I’d highly recommend doing this and for $15 a boat, it’s a bargain. This time of year is extra pretty too, as Autumn is starting to come to life in the park.

See evidence of my rowing ways here, oh and here too.

2. Walked The Williamsburg Bridge

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve walked the Brooklyn Bridge (it’s still one of my all time New York favourites and it’s so easy for me to walk after work), but I’d never done the Williamsburg Bridge before. I loved this walk because:

  1. As much as I love the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s always packed and you will come close to being hit by a bike. The Williamsburg Bridge is so much quieter and it has double lanes, so there’s no near death by bike incidents.
  2. The view is different to the one from the Brooklyn Bridge but equally as amazing.

The one downside is that trains do run across the bridge but they honestly aren’t that loud. There’s also a caged fence the whole way across that means pictures are never going to do the view justice. I really loved it though and will 100% do it again.

3. Had Coffee in Tribeca

Tribeca is probably the area of New York I’ve spent the least time in. So on Monday it was so nice to wander around the neighbourhood, enjoy a chilled out coffee and the best almond croissants in New York and just take a peak around where the other half (and Taylor Swift) live #goals.

4. Saw the Friends Building

Ok so it turns out I’ve been here and passed this building at 90 Bedford Street loads before but I never realised it was the actual building from Friends. How? I do not know because I have watch every single episode of Friends. I knew something was definitely filmed here because it’s such a gorgeous street and there’s always loads of tourists, but I didn’t cop that it was the actual Friends building – loads of movies have been filmed here too by the way. Another major NYC spot off my list!!

5. Properly Explored The Oculus

I had made a very swift trip through the Oculus (the amazing new shopping centre and subway station open at The World Trade Center) a few weeks ago, but it was a quick trip and I didn’t quite get to take it all in. This place is an example of architectural genius. Definitely add it to your NY list and prepare for your jaw to drop.

Of course the firsts didn’t end at 5. We also, checked out the rooftop at Mr. Purple for the first time (what an unreal view), had amazing all you can eat Veggie Indian (my first Indian since moving to NY – gasp) and took the subway to JFK. The subway was honestly so handy (and cheap!) and I’ll 100% be taking it again.

It was a jam packed few days for sure… Now let’s see what this weekend brings!

Have a good one,

Lorna x

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    Hi Lorna, im holidaying there in Dec, meeting my friend who’s living in canada there 🙂 im flying into newark and heard the train is simple… but she arrives about 8 hours later into JFK i’ve only ever got taxi’s from there – i was going to pop out to jfk to collect her as she hasnt been toNY before… can you let me know the easiest way to get to JFK from Midtown on the train ? thanks

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