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Friday Five: 5 Small Things That Made Me Happy This Week Take 5

October 13, 2017

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Hey guys… Happy happy Friday!!! I’m back with my first Friday Five in what feels like an absolute age (although it’s only really been 4 weeks). To be honest, I think I kinda lost my blogging mojo over the summer. Come to think of it, I think I lose my blogging mojo every summer. But here I am, back and raring to go…

I have to admit, as far as weeks go this week hasn’t been the worst. So I thought what better to end it and to ease myself back into my Friday Fives than with a short, sweet and to the point “5 Small Things That Made Me Happy This Week” post?… Here goes:

  1. I booked my flights home for Christmas (whoop whoop whooooop). I actually wasn’t planning on going home again this year. I was just there for most of September, so my plan was to go somewhere different. But plans change and I’m so excited!!
  2. We had Monday off for Columbus Day – I swear, I think we should all have one Monday off every month. That one extra day off makes all the difference.
  3. I treated myself to some new leopard print booties, just because! 😉
  4. I’ve been getting up earlier to go for a little morning walk and saw the most amazing sunrise on Wednesday. My jaw hit the floor and my walk took me twice as long because I couldn’t stop staring at the sky. It was purple and pink!!
  5. Pumpkins! Pumpkins everywhere! Pumpkin season is here!!!

Happy weekend guys,

Lorna x

p.s. I finally updated my SHOP section! Check out all the pieces on my A/W Wishlist.

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