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10 Things That Make Me Happy

May 17, 2016
white shirt and jeans

White Shirt | Light Indigo Jeans (similar) | Ego Official Shoes | Abbott Lyon Watch

I’ve been feeling very very sorry for myself over the last few days. Yes, I had an amazing weekend in The Hamptons, but I brought the most horrific toothache back with me, so I’ve been taking a lot of pity on myself. After literally crying in pain in the dentist chair yesterday morning, I had a good talk with myself to pull myself together (yep I talk to myself and I know you do too 😉 ). Seriously though, I have a toothache! I’ve survived SOOOO much worse and although my bank account will be weeping and I may have to skip a few cocktails, I just thought I really need to get a grip.

So I started thinking about some of the things (big and small) that make me happy, and do you know what? I really don’t have a bad life. Even just thinking back on the last 2 weeks, so many amazing things have happened that made me happy, and here are just a few of them…

  1. One of my research papers won an award for excellence (see it here if you fancy a read).
  2. I had an amazing weekend in Ohio for the wedding of one of my best friends (check out my wedding outfit).
  3. I got to free my legs at the weekend and wear my first pair of shorts of the year (even if it was only for a day!!).
  4. We had a super fun road trip to Montauk. It was honestly my fav one so far.
  5. The subway pulled up as soon as I got to the station yesterday morning… 🎉 (this is a major win for a New Yorker… I cannot describe how good it feels).
  6. The first sip of my morning coffee everyday… It’s like the world’s biggest and best hug (hard to believe I didn’t drink coffee before I moved here isn’t it?)!
  7. Waking up to sunshine.
  8. Being on a beach.
  9. Making a perfectly poached egg… It’s not natural how much I love seeing the yolk ooze out when they’re perfectly done.
  10. Making plans for my trip home in 5 weeks. It’s so close!!! 🙂

So I think it’s fair to say I really don’t have it so bad…

jeans and a shirtjeans and a shirt 1jeans and a shirt 2 jeans and a shirt 3jeans and a shirt 4jeans and a shirt 5

Photos by Edelle Kenny

A few quick words on my outfit. We shot this look in Bryant Park as they were getting ready to plant the spring flowers and it really couldn’t have been more perfect. People comment on the blueness of these Zara jeans all the time, and I think the flowers bring it out even more. I wore them with a smart, yet relaxed white shirt (an absolute staple in any wardrobe) and my newest sandals from Ego Official. These shoes are so unbelievably comfy and are gonna be my best friend over the next few months. 🙂

Hope you’re having a good week,

Lorna x

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jeans and a shirt 6 jeans and a shirt 7 jeans and a shirt 8 jeans and a shirt 9 jeans and a shirt 10

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