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May 1, 2015
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Happy Friday… this week seemed very long for some reason? Maybe it’s because I have friends arriving over the next few days (YAAY!!) and can’t wait? Or it could be that I’m super excited for Miami next weekend! Did I tell you I’m off to Miami with with the girls? BEACH TIME… I honestly can’t wait but the bikini diet really needs to get started. If you follow me on Snapchat (lcscloset) you’ll know what I mean… my willpower (or lack of it) is no match for my sweet tooth!

So, are you on Snapchat? I absolutely love it… for so many reasons. I’m forever telling my boss Snapchat is the way forward and the next big thing in marketing (make some space Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). I’m not quite sure she gets it, but I really believe it is. Why? Because we get to see the lives of some of our favourite brands, celebs and bloggers in real time!

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Why I Like It…

One of my favourite things about Snapchat is how easy it makes it to stay in touch with (and see) people in a few quick snaps. It’s so real too… everything on Snapchat is in real time, and this is what makes it so unique. The fact that stories disappear after 24 hours creates an urgency for us to catch up on the days Snaps, which I do on my way home from work every single day! Is it sad to say it’s one of my favourite parts of the day?

I also love how I can get a quick snapshot of what’s going on in my family and friends’ lives when I’m so far away from them. I have a brother in Australia, sister in London and the rest of my siblings are at home in Ireland, so they can easily show me exactly what they’re getting up to (like my baby sister going to her first disco – they grow up so fast!) through Snapchat… I love it!

I have friends scattered all over the world too and it makes it so easy to keep in touch. There’s also an entertainment side of Snapchat, and I don’t mean funny snaps from your friends.

Some of my favourite bloggers, celebs, brands, and people in the world of fashion are (very!) active on Snapchat. It’s honestly like having backstage access into some pretty amazing lifestyles. The best part is it’s so much more real than any other form of social media (lots of no make up selfies/videos going on!).

I think one of the reasons Snapchat is so real is because you can easily share a lot more from your day-to-day life that you would never be able share anywhere else. Like the time when we ended up in a club with Jason Derulo and Ja Rule playing, or those times when I saw Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively in the Apple Store in Soho. I shared lots of videos and pictures on my Snapchat, but you can’t really do the same on Instagram or Facebook. It would be total overload, but I can show a whole lot more of what I’m getting up to and who I’m hanging out with on Snapchat!

If I’m being completely honest, Snapchat kinda turned me off some of my favourite bloggers, simply because they are way too annoying. I still love their blogs and Instagram accounts, but their Snapchats are a bit too much for me. On the flip side, it has made me love some people (and want their lives) even more. You can check out a list of my favs and who I think have some of the best Snapchat accounts around below…

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My Favourite Accounts

  • Damsel in Dior by Jacey Duprie – Username: damselindior
    I think this could be my favourite Snapchat account… I LOVE it! I always get a laugh from it and have regularly looked like an insane person walking down the streets of Manhattan laughing at her stories. She’s hilarious. Expect to see lots of snaps of her having fun with her English bulldogs William and Polly and Catt Sadler from E! They’re besties.
  • Eva Chen – Username: theevachen212
    Editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine and one of my favourite Snapchat accounts (it’s up there with Damsel in Dior!). Expect lots of cute snaps of her baby daughter Ren. I’m already jealous of this kid’s life… she has designer goodies arriving by the day.
  • Retro Flame by Erika Fox – Username: retroflame1
    Erika was one of the first (if not the first) bloggers on Snapchat. Even though we do a lot of stuff together here in NYC, her account is definitely one of my favs. It’s funny and really honest! If I wasn’t here with her in New York, I know I’d be both super jealous and living vicariously through all of her snaps.
  • Tash and Dev by Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman – Username: tashanddev
    These two gals are the brains behind the blog A Bikini A Day, that shares… a bikini a day! Their life seems like one big holiday/photoshoot. They are really funny (and super tanned – so jealous!) and seem like they really don’t have a care in the world, except for never being on time for their flights!
  • Catt Sadler – Username: cattsadler
    From E! It’s like you are live backstage at E!News or awards shows!
  • Gary Pepper Girl by Nicole Warne – Username: garypeppergirl
    This Aussie gal is one of my favourite bloggers. Her blog and Instragram are bursting with the most amazing and inspiring images from her constant globe trotting. Her Snapchat is the exact same. She isn’t a constant updater (which I kinda like) but she really gives a more behind the scenes look at what she’s getting up to. She even shared the spot where her fiance proposed… So cute!
  • Lovely Pepa by Alexandra Pereira – Username: alexlovelypepa
    Lovely Pepa is a Spanish blogger and probably the first blogger I ever followed. It’s one that really inspired me to start blogging myself. I just really liked her style and wanted everything in her wardrobe. She seems really genuine and even more so Snapchat. I also love how this girl plays with Emojis. 
  • Faces by Grace by Grace Mongey – Username: facesbygrace23
    Another Irish gal to add to the list, Grace’s Snapchat account is quickly becoming one of my favs. Why? Because it’s just so real!! She updates her story a lot throughout the day (it has been known to reach 1,000 seconds) but that’s kinda why I love it. I know there’ll be a story to watch as I eat breakfast in the morning and another one as I’m walking to the train after work in the evening. Grace is a member of slimming world and shares all her recipes and meals on her account (she’s doing so well and looks amazing). She’s also a make-up artist, River Island style ambassador and You-Tuber.

Excited About

  • The Betches – Username: the_betches
    I’ve just started following this account but I’m excited to see what it brings. If their Instagram and website are anything to go by I’m expecting it to be ridiculously funny. I’ll keep you posted on this one.

If you are on Snapchat be sure to add me by opening your Snapchat and taking a picture of my ghost below. You can also add me manually with my username: lcscloset! Next week’s trip to Miami is the start of my summer adventures in the States. Ocean Beach is next for Memorial weekend, then Montauk and god knows where else, so be sure to follow along to see what the summer holds. Let me know your Snapchat too so I can add you back!

best snapchat accounts: lcscloset

Have a great weekend guys,

Lorna x

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