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June 15, 2016
how to wear culottes in summer

Zara Top (similar) | Zara Culottes (similar) | Ego Heels
Abbott Lyon Watch | Retro Rose Choker

Believe it or not, we shot this look in the rain a couple of weeks ago (which totally explains the super frizz going on with my hair!). Hail, rain or shine, I was dying to shoot these culottes. They have such amazing movement thanks to the slits on the legs, and they are super light, which is just perfect for summer in NYC!

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (username: lcscloset), I’m sure you’ll have noticed I have a few major obsessions fashion wise this summer… 3 to be exact! 1. Is most definitely chokers, 2. is off-the-shoulder tops (I kicked this obsession off last summer and it’s still alive) and 3. are culottes (I’ve worn 2 other pairs here on the blog in the past – here and here)! It’s funny how fashion always comes full circle isn’t it? One of my earliest fashion memories is of my mother wearing culottes when I was really really young (like maybe 2 or 3!) and I wanted a pair SOOOOO BAD!! Obviously kids fashion wasn’t in any way stylish so that was never gonna happen, but I was so unbelievably fascinated by them. If I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure I even made an attempt to try them on…

how to wear culottes in summer 2how to wear culottes in summer 3how to wear culottes in summer 4

Photos by Emmy Jake

Well fashion has came full circle and I am as obsessed today as I was way back in my toddler years, but this time I can actually wear them. I’m heading home on Friday for my brother’s wedding and I was so desperately trying to hunt down the perfect pair of pastel pink culottes for the occasion but I just couldn’t find the ones I was picturing in my head. I did find so many other pairs I love though and they are all firmly on my wishlist (how many pairs of culottes is too many?). I’m also on the hunt for new off-the-shoulder tops, because let’s face it… 4 is simply not enough! I’ve linked all my favourites in the handy widget below, just in case you have the urge to add a few pieces to your own collection too… 😉

On a totally unrelated note, I can’t believe my trip home is coming up so soon. Of course I haven’t packed (nothing new there) but do follow along on Snapchat and Instagram (username: @lcscloset) to see all the fun things I’ll be getting up to while I’m home.

Lorna x

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  • Reply Adriana June 23, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Hey Lorna, I like your style a lot! Whether you wear denim skirt or culottes, you match them with rest of the outfit in such a manner… Wow 🙂

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