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January in New York

January 23, 2017
NYC Blogger: Faux Leather leggings and Over The Knee Boots

Boohoo Coat | Aritzia Leggings (Similar here & here) | Black Turtle Neck

Ego Official Boots | New Look Bag

Happy Monday guys… Staying true to last week’s Friday Five post, I’m kicking off this week with a new outfit post and a little life catch up too. I feel like life has been moving so fast since I came back to New York, that I haven’t had a chance to write a normal blog post or even properly welcome 2017.

This is my 3rd January in New York and after 3 years I can honestly say they always seem to be the exact same – Absolutely mental! It’s that time of year where the last of 2016’s projects are being wrapped up, while things for 2017 are kicking off, so it’s pretty busy to say the least. I’m hoping this week will be little less crazy, but you really can never tell…

NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 4NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 5NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 6

It’s fair to say we’ve been making the most of our weekends too. This time of year is my favourite time (I’m pretty sure it’s the same for the girls) for going out in New York (it is most certainly NOT my favourite time of year though!!). Everyone is back in the city after the holiday’s, it’s cold, the evenings are dark and long, and it’s like everyone unites by going out and having a good time.

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing! If you follow me on Snapchat (@lcscloset) and Instagram, you’ll probably have seen we’ve been ticking a few places off our New York bucket list this month. So far I’ve been to Tavern on the Green in Central Park (when it was snowing!!), The Dead Rabbit (the best bar in the world) and a new bar – VNYL (Vintage New York Lifestyle). Both of these bars are Irish owned, but not Irish bars if that makes sense? Both are equally amazing too, with unbelievable cocktails. If you’re coming to New York anytime soon, be sure to add these to your must see spots. And if you go to VNYL, get the cookie dough spring rolls – OMFG!!!…

NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 7NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 8NYC Blogger: Faux Leather leggings and Over The Knee Boots 2NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 9

Photos by Claire Petersen

It’s crazy that it’s now the last full week of January. As busy as this year has been so far, the next few months are only going to get busier for me – and I couldn’t be more excited. First up is New York Fashion Week next month. I will be working full-time throughout the week, but I do usually try to make it over the weekend. Then it’s my birthday a week later and while I’m not usually one to make a big deal out of my birthday, this year I’m making an exception. We’re going skiing in Vermont for the weekend and I’m going to treat myself to a little something special I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Then we’re into March and this year, as I mentioned last Friday too, I am planning on wearing and support Irish brands throughout the month. I’m really excited about this and I’ve been getting a lot of snaps saying you love the idea too. If you know of any Irish brands or designers you think I’d like, please do let me know. It can be any Irish business – clothing, jewellery, accessories, shoes, stationary, anything. Then last, but certainly not least, to close out the first quarter of 2017 I will be hopping on a place to Australia! I’m so excited!!! I have been to Australia before – I spent 6 weeks travelling the East Coast a few years ago – but this time I’ll be heading west for my brother’s wedding. It’ll be so nice to be see some (not all – sadface) of my family and for such a great event too. After the wedding the plan is to spend a few days in Bali too. It’s going to be SO GOOD!!!!

So as you can see, life has been a little crazy lately and it’s only going to get even crazier, but I honestly don’t think I’d have it any other way. A few quick words about my outfit before I go… When it comes to dressing in January, for me warmth is always number one. I just hate being cold. I also hate looking like a Michelin woman in my ugly black down coat, so this year I am embracing the faux fur to keep me nice and snug. You may have already seen this coat on my Instagram (a lot), but I love it! It’s my new favourite. I even left my only black coat at home at Christmas so I could bring this back with me. Also, after looking for absolutely ages, I finally found perfect pair of Over The Knee boots. I still can’t get over how comfy these are, so I’m sure it won’t be the last time you see them…

Have a great Monday,

Lorna x

p.s. I have to admit I’ve been getting a lot of abuse from people thinking my faux fur is real – like seriously, do I look like I can afford real fur?!

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NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 10NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 11NYC Blogger: faux fur coat and over the knee boots 12

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