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Friday Five: 5 Things You Can Expect To See More Of In 2017

January 20, 2017
NYC Blogger: What you can expect to see in 2017

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Happy Friday… I’m not one to wish the week away, but I am extra happy to see this Friday roll around. Having a 4 day work week sure is nice, but the work still has to get done. Anywho, it’s now mid (to late January) and I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about what I want to do more of here on LC’s Closet in 2017.

2017 is going to be a busy year and I want to make sure I plan ahead to make sure I get the most out of it. You know what they say – “Fail to plan and plan to fail.” Ok, a bit extreme maybe, but I do love a good list to give me some structure in my life. So here is what you can expect to see a lot more of over the next 12 months…

1 . Video

Ok so I know my Christmas in New York video is still pending (it’s coming!! Fail I know!), but I really do want to get into video this year. I love watching other people and as scary/daunting as it is, I think it will be such a great learning experience (for my blog and work) and hopefully I’ll have a lot of fun along the way too!

2. Travel

You can expect to see lots of trips and travel from me in 2017. 2017 is going to be a fun one on travel side of things. My first trip will be skiing next month for my birthday. At the end of March I’m off to the land down under for my brother’s wedding and a few days in Bali!!!! Eeeeeek! I’m getting so excited! And this is all in the first 3 months. There’ll be lots more to come over the rest of the year.

3. Fashion

I’m getting back to my blogging roots with this one. I love fashion!!! It’s why I started my blog in the first place AND it was the topic of my PhD!! I love blogging about my life and trips, but this year I’ll definitely be focusing more on my fashion posts and will be bring fashion more into all of my lifestyle and travel posts too. I’m always blown away by how well these posts do too – Like this black long line blazer post, that traffic numbers were through the roof for.

4. Blog Tips

I will never cease to be amazed at just how many people read my blog tips. It’s crazy, but fab! That’s why I write them and that’s why they are there. Over the past year or 15 months, as I found my feet at work, these posts definitely became a lot less frequent. As I want to make them as helpful as possible, they take a lot of time to put together. This year I am going to bring them back more frequently – I’m thinking once a month maybe? We’ll see how it goes, but I’m excited to get back into them.

5. Irish brands

Lastly (for now!), in 2017 I want to support more Irish brands both in my blog posts and on my social channels. I got this idea from the #WearingIrish initiative created by Margaret Molloy last March. Her aim was to wear Irish design every day throughout the month of March. Isn’t it brilliant? I love the idea and this year, especially in March, I want to do the same. I’m thinking I may do both #WearingIrish and #SupportingIrish because let’s be real here – I can’t afford to wear different Irish designers everyday. I’m really excited for this one because we’re a talented bunch and we need to show it off. If you know of any brands I should know of, please let me know! I’d love to support them throughout the year.

I’m super excited to see how the next 12 months unfold, and even more excited now I have some form of plan to guide me.

Hope you have a fab weekend,

Lorna x

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  • Reply alibourke January 22, 2017 at 6:39 am

    Love the #WearingIrish / #SupportingIrish idea! You should check out Chupi – an Irish jewellery brand inspired by nature – they have some stunning pieces.

    Ali |

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