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Friday Five: 5 (Random) Essentials I Always Stock Up On When I’m Home

August 25, 2016

Happy happy Friday! It’s Friday Five time… Recently I’ve been getting lots and lots of messages from people who are about to make the move to America. One question, aside from the usual job and apartment related ones (there is a post coming up on these soon… I promise), keeps popping up and it is “what should I stock up on before I leave?” Such a good question, and one I wish I had asked before I moved over and ended up paying stupid prices for the most basic stuff (Penneys really does have us spoilt). So for today’s Friday Five, I’m sharing 5 things I always stock up on when I’m home/bits you may want to stuff your suitcase with…

1. Chocolate
Obviously… Has to be number 1!!

2. Make Up Remover Pads

These things are so cheap at home! I’m talking €2 in Penneys for the big pack of the big oval pads (I’ll have 3 packs please!!!)! It’s at least $6 a pop for a small pack of the little round ones here… Just how? Why?? What??!

3. The Penneys Essentials
Tights (in every level of denier) and socks because paying over $15 for these is cray! PJ’s (of course), undies, popsocks, and those nude little slips socks for wearing with flat shoes. I don’t even know if popsocks and those slip socks exist over here. If they do, I don’t even wanna know how much they cost…

4. Hairgrips from Boots
The large (the small ones won’t do here) hairgrips from Boots. Yes you can get hairgrips here, no they are not the same. Any I have seen are those weird ones that rip your hair really badly. I don’t know if they’re way more expensive here than at home, but my guess is they probably are…

5. Teabags
Could I be anymore basic???? Seriously though, would I really be Irish if I didn’t bring back some good old Irish tea?! Hands down THE BEST in the world.

I told you they were random and they are super basic too. Technically this is a 6th thing but not applicable to everyone… If you suffer from coldsores when you are rundown or travelling, definitely stock up on Zovirax, Viralief or whatever your weapon of choice is. I nearly dropped right after I moved here, got struck down (I hadn’t slept well in the run up to moving and everything just hit me) and the pharmacist told me not only do you need a prescription for them here, they cost $500… FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!! Needless to say I didn’t get it and had my mother post some over asap!!

Anyone have anything they’d add to the list?

Have a great weekend,

Lorna x

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