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Friday Five: 5 Struggles Of A New York Summer

July 29, 2016
friday five - 5 struggles of a new york summer 2

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Happy Friday! You guys know what Friday means – It’s time for another Friday Five! I’m super happy I decided to start this series because it really pushes me to publish more consistently… Even when I’m super busy and the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is open my laptop.

Anywho, let’s get into this week’s Friday Five. The past 2 weeks in New York have been SUPER HOT! Like I mean seriously seriously stiflingly HOT!! And the struggles in the New York heat are well and truly real! So this week’s post is focusing on 5 struggles of a New York summer, taking a look at the less glam side of summer here…

1. The Subway Struggle has to come out tops. Going underground on a day with a real feel of over 40 degrees and having to stand there waiting for a train… there are only two words to describe it – Sweaty Betty!

2. Which leads me nicely on to no. 2… You are literally a sweaty betty. Now I do try to make myself feel better by remembering this little rhyme my mother told me years ago…

Horse sweat, men perspire, women glow.

So I guess I’m just glowing my way through summer…

3. If you follow me on Snapchat (@lcscloset), you’ll know about my daily ‘is this too short to wear to work’ struggle. I ask myself this every single day (or at least the days I wear shorts/skirts), but when it comes to ‘is this too short for work’ vs. ‘do I not want to die in this heat’ guess what comes out tops? 😀

4. The thunderstorms… WOAH the thunderstorms. They are cray and come out of nowhere, which means you can never leave home without an umbrella, no matter how hot it is outside.

5. Last but certainly not least, the A/C drops. Ew, ew and ewwwwwww. If there is one thing guaranteed to happen everyday during summer in New York, it’s that you’ll have suspect drops falling on you from A/Cs as you walk down the street… And it totally freaks me out. I can’t describe how weird it is to be walking down the street on a scorcher of a day and have drops falling on you… I also wonder what the hell is in those drops?? Ewwwwwww


Now this list doesn’t mean there’s only 5 struggles, there’s many many more (the bugs, always craving ice cream or fro-yo – such a tough one, the smell), but I gotta keep it to five.

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Have a great weekend… You’ll catch me eating ice cream,

Lorna x

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friday five - 5 struggles of a new york summer

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