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Friday Five: 5 Blog Posts For Your Trip To New York

November 11, 2016
tips for visiting New York

Hello there Friday… Boy am I happy to see you! It has been quite the week and I am way beyond exciting to have 2 full days to chill out and totally relax.

As it’s Friday, it’s time for my weekly Friday Five post. I’ve been getting so many questions from those of you who are making the trip to New York over the next few weeks (how exciting!). So far I’ve been replying to everyone with individual links, but that can get a little messy, especially on Snapchat where the link can disappear if you don’t save it right away.

I totally understand that sometimes my past posts can get lost in the middle of all my other posts, especially as I share more posts under all my different categories. So for this weeks Friday Five I decided to bring these posts together in for my Friday Five, so it’s easier for you to get to posts that are full to the brim with tips for visiting New York. So if you’re planning on visiting New York over the next few weeks, this is the blog post for you!

Here are the top 5 posts (to date) you need to read before your trip:

  1. My Christmas Shopping in New York post
  2. My Ultimate List of New York Favourites post
  3. My Christmas in New York Post
  4. My Favourite Things To Do For Free In New York post
  5. My 5 New Things I Did In New York post

It’s a short and sweet Friday Five this week, but sometimes they’re the best right?!

Have a great weekend,

Lorna x

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