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Friday Five: 5 Blog Posts I Need To Re-Read More Often

August 19, 2016
Friday Five: Blogposts I need to re-read

Happy Friday… It’s Friday Five time and this week, after looking back at some old blog posts, I decided to focus on 5 previous blog posts I really need to go back and read every now and again. Sometimes it’s way too easy to write posts (well it’s actually not easy to write them but you get my drift) and forget about them as time goes on. But there was a reason I wrote them in the first place and they represent things I did or how I felt at that time (which could mirror exactly how I’m feeling at the present time). So sometimes I really should go back and read what I’ve already done. It could just be the perk I need. Anywho, here are 5 blog posts I really should read more…

1. My Inbound Round Up

I should re-read this one every single week!! I always I feel so much better about myself and majorly motivated after I read this. It’s almost a year since I wrote this post and I can honestly say I still find every single takeaway to be so so true and relevant.

2. My Why I Started Blogging Blog Post

It way too easy to get disheartened with blogging, so taking a look at what my goals and objectives were when I started out brings me back to why I started in the first place and

3. My Take Some Credit Post

Because sometimes you really need to stop and take some credit for all of the little (and big wins) in life. We beat ourselves up everyday for not being where we ‘think’ we need to be, that we forget to look back and see how far we’ve come.

4. My Let’s Reflect Post

A post I published on New Year’s Eve 2015, that looked back at all I had achieved in 2015. This is in line with my Take Some Credit post and reflects at all of the amazing things you can achieve/pack into 12 short months, without even realising you’re doing it.

5. My Things To Do For Free In New York Post

Finally, I really need to look at my post on the best Favourite Things to do for Free in New York. There’s no denying New York is a seriously expensive place, but there are things you can do on a budget. I also feel like I’ve gotten really settled over the last while and don’t as many fun things as I did in my first year here. I’m sure taking a look back at this post will give me the push I need to do more…

I’m getting ready for another New York summer weekend. Fingers crossed it isn’t as crazy hot as the past few weeks so I don’t have to hide out in my apartment all weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Lorna x

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