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October 24, 2017

Today marks 3 whole years and one month to the day since I made the move to New York!!! 3 YEARS!!! That’s kind of a little insane! I know writing this post a month after the 3 year mark is probably a little weird but I kinda forgot about it with being in Ireland, traveling back to New York and getting settled back in over here.

It’s kinda crazy thinking back to life before NYC and that time when I first moved here! To be totally honest, in one way moving here seems like a lifetime ago, but in another I can’t believe I’ve lived here for 3 years already!!!

You know I read somewhere recently that when you live in New York time flies by so fast that the days flow into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into years (and probably the years into decades!!). I couldn’t agree more. Everything is so seasonal here (pumpkin fever is currently in full swing) and I think that, coupled with the long working hours, non-stop go, go, go and the always on way of life just means the years fly by in a heartbeat.

When it comes to life in New York, there are hands down two questions I get asked more than any:

  1. Do you love it?

  2. Are you going to stay there forever?

I’m kinda always amazed at just how much people love this city. I love it too, it’s what made me wanna move here from the first time I visited waaaaay back in 2001. And now it’s so crazy to me that as 1 year rolled into 2 and 2 into 3, New York has just became my normal life (so weird to write). I probably do take living here for granted, but I definitely still get those pinch moments – usually when the Empire is looking extra pretty or one of those “only in New York” crazy but amazing things happens.

I do think there is a romanticised view of New York too. A view we’ve probably got from the movies or something. Actually Sex and the City probably has a big role to play too. But life isn’t like the movies or SATC, and no real-life working/commuting New Yorker wears heels!

Life here is amazing. The opportunities are amazing. The brunches are amazing. I love the fact that I can get whatever I want pretty much whenever I want. But life isn’t sunshine and rainbows, the subway stinks, I miss the good quality food (among other things) in Ireland, the shopping definitely isn’t as good (unless you got $$$$) and there are so so many questionable smells during the summer.

But, long story short – 3 years on, Yes I still do love New York! You have to love New York to live here… There’s no way you’d put up with the all the craziness (and the sirens!!!) if you didn’t. As for how long I’ll stay here – 3 years ago I would have said I’m never leaving. Now, I don’t know! This year, I have felt the distance from home more than any if I’m being totally honest. I won’t be leaving anytime in the near future, but I am definitely more open to life outside the concrete jungle…

Lorna x

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