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Hello 2018!!

January 15, 2018
NYC Blogger: Double Camel Outfit

Camel Coat | Camel Knit | White Tee | Ripped Jeans | Similar Boots

Happy 2018 guys!!!

I know I’m a little late with these wishes (hello Mid January!!) and it’s been more than a while since you’ve heard from me here on the blog. I decided to take a complete break from most things blog related over Christmas – Something that was most definitely needed. Now that I’m back and settled in NYC, I think it’s a good time to get stuck back in here.

As I mentioned over on Instagram towards the end of last year, 2017 was definitely not my year. However, I did learn some very valuable lessons!! Lessons that completely opened my eyes to what is and what really isn’t important in life.

NYC Blogger: Double Camel Look 4NYC Blogger: Double Camel Outfit 2

What isn’t important? The list is endless, but working 24/7 for one! Working so much (between my full-time job and the blog) that I “don’t have time” to call family and friends. Worrying about what other people think¬† and living life online/on my phone (I honestly don’t think I’m the worst for this – I’m hyper aware of being on my phone when I’m with other people and what you see really is what you get with me)!!! I could go on and on and on… It’s like 2017 really woke me up to how much value we put on things that really don’t matter.

What is important? Family, friends, health, and well being. End of!!

So simple, right?!!!

NYC Blogger: Double Camel Look 5NYC Blogger: Double Camel Look 6

Basically, 2017 made me completely reassess what’s most important to me. When it came to setting my 2018 goals it also made me reassess how I set my goals every year to focus on what really matters. I usually have 3 different lists of goals for life, career and my blog (they’re long and in-depth!), but this year I completely scraped that. This year I have 2 important and simple goals:

  1. Make more time for family and friends (for calls, messages, in person…)

  2. Take better care of me (look after my well being, work-out, sleep more, have a lazy day, do absolutely nothing, eat better, etc.)

That’s it!! Sure I could have a goal to earn more money, get promoted, buy a new designer bag, get work here on the blog (to actually pay for running this thing), but if not I’m looking after myself and making time for what actually matters in life, all of those things are completely irrelevant.

So long story short, for 2018 I’m gonna focus on the things that truly matter and hopefully it’ll be a lot better than 2017.

What are your goals for 2018? I’d love hear!

I’m excited to be back and to get stuck into 2018! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you guys would love to see over the next 12 months.

Lorna xx

p.s. Minor detail… I also want to get so much better at flossing this year! I hate it, it’s one of those important but super annoying, time consuming things! I will conquer it in 2018.

NYC Blogger: Double Camel Look 3

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