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January 26, 2018

Hey guys,

Happy Friday! I’m finally getting around to doing a post about my new hair do. You’d be amazed how often I get questions about where to get hair done in New York and I’ve never really had a place I could honestly say I loved… Until now, of course!!

I’m gonna be totally honest and admit I’m not the best person for keeping my hair in tip top condition. I’m lucky that it grows super fast but I have some serious trust issues when it comes to getting my hair cut in new places.

This all stems from a very dodgy cut, that can best be described as a mullet (most certainly not what I asked for!), from Toni and Guy in Bangkok airport about 6 years ago. Since then I have major hairdresser trust issues. I wish I was joking…

Anywho, I was in dire need of a cut and style before Christmas and when Sanctuary Salon in Williamsburg was recommended to me, I said I’d suss it out.

I know I could have gone to a salon in Manhattan, but this salon is only 2 stops into Brooklyn (on the L) train, so it was super quick and easy to get to. Having a recommendation also made all the difference.

To be honest, whenever I had been getting my hair cut over the past few years I usually told them to “do whatever you think, whatever suits me” and that tended to results in a basic trim. I kinda did the same thing this time with James (my hair stylist) but for him it was like working on a blank canvas (that seriously needed some work). What I need is someone to look at my face and just work their professional magic and that’s exactly what happened. And the result… The high and low lights, the cut, the style – I love it!! He just got it so right! I was obsessed and I’m still obsessed tbh (is it bad to say I’m obsessed with my own hair?)

I love love LOVE it and I’ve had such a good reaction to my new do too!!!! To be totally honest, I was worried it would be hard to retain, especially because I have a kink in my hair. But it’s been perfect.

The salon itself (@sanctuarysalonnyc on Insta) is super chilled (hence the name I guess!). It has a real Williamsburg cool feel and they have prosecco too, so it gets two big thumbs up from me. If you’re in New York and you’re going to go here, you need to ask for James. You seriously won’t regret it! He’s an absolute genius with hair.

Happy Weekend guys,

Lorna x

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where to get your hair done in NYC - Sanctuary Salonwhere to get your hair done in NYC - Sanctuary Salon 2where to get your hair done in NYC - Sanctuary Salon 3

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