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Friday Five: 5 Of My Favourite 2016 Beauty Finds

December 30, 2016
NYC Blogger: 2016 Favourite Beauty Finds

Happy Friday. Ok so I know I’ve missed my last 2 Friday Fives (whoops), but times have been a little crazy lately with coming for Christmas and all that jazz. But here I am back with my final Friday Five of 2016!

One of my goals for 2016 was to start taking better care of my skin (I mentioned this in my NYC Truths post waaaay back in March too). To be fair, making even the smallest attempt to up my skincare routine was going to be a major improvement on what I was doing this time last year. But now that I’m sitting here looking back on my progress I’m actually pretty happy with myself.

I’m always the first to admit I am not the best when it comes to beauty products (I am more about fashion in fairness!). Funnily enough, beauty products are something I am always asked about and one of the things people seem to love seeing on Snapchat. So for my last Friday Five of this year, I’m going to share 5 of my favourite 2016 beauty finds. Here goes…

1. Orogold Eyecream

Orogold 24k Exclusive Eyecare Collection

My number 1 goal with upping my beauty game in 2016 was to take better care of my eyes… Or to just start using an eye cream – and I did it! As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not getting any younger. This time last year I was having a mini freak out when people told me I should have started using eye cream when I was 18! It was a little late for that but I started using these Orogold eye creams last March and haven’t looked back. They are amazing. Using these in combination with my next beauty find over the past few months has made such an unbelievable difference to the tender skin around my eyes…

2. Coconut Oil

I don’t have a picture of my coconut oil because I thought that was a little weird… But how have I only discovered the natural amazingness of coconut oil this year? Where have I been?!! I have been cooking with coconut oil for the last 2 years and had heard it is amazing for your skin, teeth and hair but I never really tried it. That is until this August this year.

I first started using this to take off my eye make-up when my eye make-up remover ran out and I did not fancy running to Sephora. I used to always use Clinique’s Take The Day Off and I do still think it’s a fab product, but since I started using Coconut oil I haven’t looked back. It’s so soft and gentle on my eyes so I feel like I’m not harming the skin tender skin around my eyes.

Then in October, I started oil pulling with coconut oil to whiten my teeth. I have spoken very briefly about how I have quite the colorful dental history on my Snapchat. To cut a long story short, I damaged my teeth in a pretty nasty accident 6 years ago and my front teeth had to be built up again. As they aren’t fully enamel, my teeth are prone to staining (thank you excessive tea and coffee consumption!) and teeth whitening products don’t work on them (they only work on enamel). So I started oil pulling to whiten them up. Apparently oil pulling has a long list of benefits, so it’s something I’ll be keeping up in 2017 for sure.

3. Stila Liquid Eyeliner

Stila Eyeliner here | Maybelline Eyeliner here

I’ve gotta admit, I was always an eyeliner pencil kinda gal… Like I’m talking for about 10 years (always Dior & Chanel – was I mad?)! Then when I got my make up done earlier this year my make up artist used this Stila liquid eyeliner on me and I was hooked. I LOVE IT! As crazy as it sounds, I was always kinda scared of using liquid liner because I was sure I’d mess it up, but this is the easiest thing to use and it lasts all day too. The pen lasts me about 3 months, which I think is good when I use it everyday?

A cheaper alternative and one that is just as good in my opinion is the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid liner. It’s a lot cheaper than the Stila one (it’s $10 in stores compared to $23 for the Stila one or it’s only $5.70 on Amazon) and it lasts all day too. One downside is that the pen does dry out a lot quicker but it’s so cheap that doesn’t bother me at all.

4. L’Oreal Voluminous Feline Noir Mascara

Get Voluminous Feline Noir it here

This is my most recent discovery and I found it thanks to Erika. She raved about how much she loved it on her Snapchat and I can 100% verify everything she said. This is a bold statement but I think this may be the best mascara I have ever used… No exaggeration!!! It’s available on Amazon for $7 too – WHAT A BARGAIN! If you see it buy in bulk.

5. PS Concealer Pen

Finally, who doesn’t love a good concealer? I found this one in the Connectitcut Primark store when I visited in September and to be honest I only tried it out because it was so cheap ($3.50). It’s rose gold or has a red tinge, which is supposed to be really good for concealing around your eye area so I said why not? So far, so good. I’m loving it and I’ve already stocked up on 2 more to bring back with me next week.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all my Friday Fives so far this year. I loved doing them and you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of them in 2017.

I’ll be back tomorrow with one more end of year post before we take on 2017.

Lorna x

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