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Friday Five: 5 Things I’m Gonna Do More Of in 2018

January 26, 2018

Happy Friday guys! We’re coming to the end of January and it got me thinking about what I want to do more of in 2018 both here on the blog and in life in general.

If you read my post on my goals for 2018 you’ll know that my goals are pretty damn simple. My second goal was basically taking better care of me and a lot of what I want to do more of this year revolves around just that. So here are the 5 things I’m gonna be doing more of in 2018:

1. My Friday Five posts – I love doing this weekly series and I 1,000% want to get back into doing them consistently in 2018.

2. Getting more sleep – I started doing this after I got back from Ireland in September and I’ve been quite good at keeping this up (until this past week). The difference it has made has been unreal.

3. My morning walks – Another thing I started doing after I got back to NYC in September and I there’s only been one week day since that I haven’t got up and gone for a walk. That’s pretty good going if you ask me. I love getting up early and starting my day by getting in some of my 10k a day, seeing the winter sunrises, grabbing my morning coffee, and just having so much time to myself before I go to work.

4. Switching off – From work, social media, blogging, life… To just chill out and watch Netflix for a day here and there. I usually never do this but have been doing it more recently and it’s bliss.

5. Exploring NYC and beyond – I LOVE Manhattan but it’s just one of the 5 boroughs and I haven’t discovered near enough of them. Last weekend I made my first trip to Long Island City in over 2 years and it reminded me that getting out of Manhattan at the weekends and enjoying quieter parts of the city is one of the best way to chillax and unwind. More that in 2018 fo sho!!

Et voilà. I’m hoping these will make for a much very healthy 2018 – Maybe not the Friday Five’s but you know what I mean.

Happy weekend guys,

Lorna x

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