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Gossip Girls Biggest Trends

December 18, 2012

So Gossip Girl is over. 🙁 The final episode aired in the US last night and as always there were many twists and turns. As the series has came to and end we decided to take a look back at some of the biggest trends that emerged for the seriously stylish TV programme that gave us 6 seasons of Serena and Blairs amazing style.

Here are some of the best fashion moments and trends from the show.

1. Blair’s Headbands
Blair’s headbands are undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion trends to come out of Gossip Girl.
2. Chuck’s Suits
Chuck Bass made dressing like a gentleman très chic and extremely cool.
3. Bow Ties
Even the girls on Gossip Girl wore bow ties and looked Ăźber stylish in doing so – the white shirt, black tie and jacket is a classic Upper East Side look.
4. Dressing like a Fruit Bowl
I do love Blair’s and all the bright prints she wears… but sometimes she does look a little like a fruit bowl. However, no one can deny that she pulls off this Fruit Bowl look to perfection. 🙂
5. Chuck’s Pets

Chuck tried out every accessory there is: bow ties, scarves, walking sticks and even sported a onesie in one episode. His best accessories have to be his pets… his dog, a pet monkey and why wouldn’t he pair a duck with his navy suit? This is the Upper East Side after all.

6. Blair’s Hats


In the early seasons of Gossip Girl it was ALL about Blair’s headband, but when she left school and went to NYU Blair entered the fabulous world of hats.

7. A Rainbow of Brights
When it comes to clothing, black is the colour usually associated with New Yorkers. This is not the case for the girls of Gossip Girl who love nothing more than wearing a rainbow of bright colours.
8. Colour Blocking Tights
The kids of the Upper East Side put their own stamp on their school uniform by jazzing up their looks with a rainbow of colored tights.
9. Always Accessorise, Even for Sports

Whether it’s PE at Constance or cycling through Central Park, sport is not an excuse to let your style slip. In the fabulous world of the Upper East Side, they don’t have to take out their earrings, scrape back their hair or wear ugly gym kits for PE like in normal schools. PE is just an opportunity for an outfit change.

10. Bodycon


Bodycon has been one of Serena van Der Woodsen’s wardrobe staples throughout the series and there is no doubt her style helped fuel the bodycon craze that gripped everyone is a few seasons ago.

11. Gowns


If there is one thing the girls of GG know how to do to perfection, it’s wear an amazing gown. Gossip Girl started off with Serena wearing a gold strapless gown to Cotillion, and the beautiful couture gowns kept coming. We are definitely gonna miss drooling over these exquisite creations. 🙁
12. You Can Never Be Too Dressed Up
You know what they say – you can never be overdressed or overeducated – and this is definitely a motto Upper East Siders live by. Blair wore an Oscar de la Renta gown to a train station in Paris and let’s not forget she also wore her wedding gown to the airport.
13. Matchy Matchy Couples
Couples on GG have been dressing like they’re soul mates for at least the past three seasons. What better way to show the world you’re a couple than matching your outfits?
14. Unlikely Fashions
Sometimes the makers of Gossip Girl throw us a surprise and not just in the shows storylines. Sometimes the much loved GG characters wear some very uncharacteristic outfits. The weirdest looks we have seen on GG include when Blair wears an I heart NY T-Shirt after she ran away from her wedding and when Georgina dresses up as a Catholic priest before Blair’s royal wedding.
15. Masquerade Ball
The masquerade ball is very important to Gossip Girl – as not only does it allow the cast to hide behind beautiful masks but it also lets them be even more incestuous than usual. Remember Nate telling Jenny he loves her, thinking it’s Serena? As if the love lives of these Upper East Siders aren’t confusing enough without mistaken identities….
16. School Uniforms
Constance and St Judes are definitely not strict when it comes to uniform. School was another platform for the gang to show off their fashion credentials as they wear glitter, extravagent headbands, knee high socks and jazzy scarves.
17. Princess B
After Blair married Prince Louis out came even more big dresses and extravagant tiaras.
18. S & B’s Parisan Style
Who could ever forget the scene where S + B strolled around Paris in two equally stylish but very different outfits. Blair wore a beret and Serena wore an AMAZING caged mini dress. This outfit was just one of an endless string of knock out outfits that Serena wore in Paris and it was without a doubt her fashion peak.
19. Guest Stars
Throughout the 6 seasons of Gossip Girl there have been a lot of guest stars, including Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks and Liz Hurley. I like how each guest star had their own signature style. Hilary Duff had a trilby planted on her head for almost every scene and, even though she only appeared in Season 5, I think Liz Hurley may have out bodyconed Serena.
20. Royal Wedding
There is no doubt that Blair is an Upper East Side Princess, but her dream of being a real Princess came true when she married Prince Louis. There were alot of weddings throughout the 6 seasons GG, and if the leaked pictures are anything to go by, there could be a few more before the series ends. Without a doubt the most glamourous of all the Weddings was Blair’s royal wedding. She made a beautiful bride in Vera Wang. Serena also looked stunning in a blush Vera Wang Maid of Honour gown.

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