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Friday Five, New York Life

Friday Five: 5 New NYC Things I Did This Week

October 28, 2016
NYC blogger: new things to do

Happy Friday guys! I’ve been a little quiet on the old blog-a-roo this week because I was busy entertaining my sister. In last week’s…

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Fashion, New York Life

The Wardrobe Change

October 11, 2016
transitioning into autumn

It’s that time of year in New York… Time for the big ole wardrobe switch-a-roo. Having lived in Ireland for most of my life, completely changing my wardrobe twice a year is still quite a new concept. I did have…

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Fashion, New York Life

2 Years In New York

September 28, 2016
Blue and white porcelain top

You may have seen on my social channels that last weekend marked 2 years of life in New York. In honour of surviving 2 years I did a little…

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